2020 is DONE! 2021 is HERE!

2020 will certainly be one for the history books. While we have shared the commonalities of this remarkable year, each of us and our businesses have experienced a unique journey. 

What sort of year was 2020 for you and your business? 

Was it filled with uncertainty, stops and starts? 

Were you forced to make spur-of-the-moment changes? 

Did you adapt by changing your products or services? 

Were you so busy you needed to hire additional employees? 

Or was your business negatively impacted and you’re trying to reposition and recover? 

Fryed Egg Productions is here to help no matter where you find yourself. We have decided to employ one of the communication strategies we use for many of our clients. Every “Fryday,” we will send you valuable, interesting and engaging tips and will share about our results oriented services via our new informative weekly newsletter. We want to help you be successful in 2021 and beyond.

We have lots of proven strategies, processes and creative options and so we need at least 52 times a year to share them with you—so stay tuned for ideas, resources and inspiration throughout 2021. Providing consistent, meaningful content to our friends and customers is one of the hallmarks of Fryed Egg, so you can rely on having information in your inbox every Fryday. 


Most of you know me, Yvonne Fry, founder and CEO of Fryed Egg. Some of you know I am a farmer’s daughter—our Plant City family had 60,000 chickens, and we picked eggs daily by hand. We raised other livestock and seasonal row crops, also. 

My company name is a tip of my hat to where I came from: farm life, where you work hard, live by the fruit of your labors, treat people with honesty and respect and base agreements on a handshake and trust. Sure, I graduated from college with a degree in public relations with a minor in marketing, but I remain grounded in and want to be known for those kinds of values, reputation and deliverables I learned as a farm girl. 

Coming from such down-to-earth beginnings, I’m forever grateful and remain filled with wide-eyed wonder about the organizations and projects my team and I are privileged to contribute to.

We get to work and build community with amazing people as we serve various organizations and businesses in the Tampa Bay Area as well as across the nation. Our team of talented and experienced specialists uses every tool, from written word to artistic images to sound and video, to help our partners share their messages. Our relationships made along the way serve us and our clients well, also. The only measure of our success is our clients’ success. We are fully vested in our efforts to engage your audiences to help you achieve your organization’s goals. 


Our well-established and dynamic company develops strategies based on our partners’ needs. We deliver results, helping you advance your business and secure your market share in alignment with your revenue and growth goals. Fryed Egg Productions offers the experience, creativity and commitment that serves our clients well. We are excited to offer you proven methods, customized for your company, to achieve your desired results.   

January 1st is always filled with hope and goal setting. This seems even more important as we turn the page to 2021 than it has been for any other year of our lifetime. It’s up to each of us to choose what our future is going to look like, to determine what results we’re going to produce. Our Fryed Egg team would be honored to be considered as a partner or resource for you in charting your course for a successful, meaningful and prosperous New Year.