Video Storytelling for Nonprofits: CHANGE THE GAME

We’ve said it before: Your unique story is worth telling. Whether yours is a for-profit or nonprofit organization, stories create a bridge between you and the people in your community, encouraging them to experience what you offer. And video storytelling brings your narrative to life in full color, connecting with your audience on an emotional level.

Fryed Egg Productions creates videos in our own studio or on location on a regular basis for our corporate and governmental clients. Our creative storytelling team immerses in your organization to be able to truly represent your good work. And, now, more than ever, we feel an urgency to support nonprofit organizations through effective and impactful videos. We share your goal of extending your ability to reach and help people. 

Videos, already essential in a digital age, are particularly necessary for nonprofits in this pandemic-fueled era when so many people need help and live fundraising and community-awareness events have been cancelled or postponed. We all live in a digital world now. 

Nonprofit organizations need videos now more than ever

Every nonprofit has a distinct mission that serves the particular people and need in a specific geographical area. Their work happens in a sacred space between those they serve and those who support what they do. Both groups are vital to any organization, and both must be made aware of its existence, if it is to meet the need successfully.

Fryed Egg Productions’ in-house production team can work with you to create a meaningful video to demonstrate your story in a powerful, sensory way to connect with the people who need your services and those who can contribute to your cause.

These days, nonprofits are not just a safety net for the most vulnerable but are the only lifeline for many people who have never needed help in the past. The need is greater and more widespread than it has ever been in nearly every category—hunger, health care, mental health, domestic violence, child mentoring, workforce development, etc. At the same time, volunteers are fewer, and donations are down.

In fact, because organizations are doing so much more with so much less, Florida’s nonprofit sector was recognized for its monumental efforts by Florida Trend magazine and named their 2020 Floridian of the Year. Kudos to all of you!

Right now, it is critical for you to reach the people who need your help and those who can help you. Potential donors want to know how they can help and will respond when, through compelling video storytelling, they see the realities people are facing and how a monetary or time investment can improve the lives of their fellow humans in their community or elsewhere.

You don’t need to know a thing about filmmaking

Video storytelling is the best way to show why your organization matters to everyone in the equation—the people being helped, volunteers, donors, organization leaders, community leaders and community partners.

Fryed Egg’s talented creative team immerses in your work so we can craft YOUR video. We will guide you from start to finish, so you don’t have to know a thing about filmmaking—we make the process as easy as possible for you. When you show us your passion and your belief in your mission, your work will speak for itself as we show people what you do.

Our team can help you discover the most powerful stories to share by interviewing the folks who fight for your cause every day. The impact is especially poignant when viewers see people who are thriving after you helped them overcome their hurdles.

We delicately reveal what your organization does and why and how you do it, while safeguarding the dignity of everyone involved. The Fryed Egg team is always sympathetic to the needs and feelings of the people whose stories we tell. We have dealt with sensitive topics, including domestic violence, hunger and homelessness, and we respect, without judgment, the dignity of the humans who find themselves in these often-unexpected tragic circumstances.

Our storytelling shines light into the darkness to give hope to those still struggling by telling them that help is available. It draws volunteers to organizations to assist people in situations they themselves have experienced or been close to by rekindling their gratitude that someone was there for them in their moments of despair and ultimate triumph.

Tips to keep in mind

Whether or not you engage Fryed Egg to help your organization tell its story, please keep these ideas in mind:

  • If you host a live or virtual event, keep control of your message. A video helps by limiting the length of presentations and ensuring the purity, clarity and poignancy of the message.
  • Your message is more robust, meaningful and powerful when you add multimedia presentations, including interviews and shots (known as B-roll) of related scenes or actions that help people visualize what the speaker is saying.
  • Storytelling is the key element. Just throwing photos up on a screen isn’t enough to connect with your audience. People need to see what you do and how it makes others’ lives safer, healthier, happier, stronger or better.

Discounts for nonprofit organizations

Fryed Egg strongly believes in the importance of nonprofit work in our community and supports that work by giving significant discounts to such organizations. We realize that although most nonprofits have fundraising and development strategies, they rarely have the capacity to do everything on their lists.

When we bring our experience to work with you, you end up with an inspiring video you can feel proud of, one that reflects your vision and mission and helps you connect with everyone you want to reach. Fryed Egg’s goal, in everything we do, whether for nonprofit or for-profit organizations, is to make your life easier and help you achieve your goals more effectively and efficiently. If that sounds good to you, please call us. We would love to help you!