Can You Boost Your Business with Blogs?

Website traffic is essential for many organizations’ success. One sure way to steer clients or customers to your beautifully designed and maintained website (Need help with this? Click here!) is by routinely writing and posting blogs. 

So, what is a blog, anyway? 

A blog is simply a regular feature of a website that typically relates to a particular topic: YOUR BUSINESS! A blog or “web log” is a lasting record of events, highlights, trends and other information pertinent to your business, industry and audience.

Blogs give people a reason to enter your site and stay there, all the while learning about your brand, products and services. The Fryed Egg Productions team can help you create engaging and relevant content that will persuade searchers to see your organization as a competent, trustworthy and reliable subject matter expert, prompting them to think of you when they need what your business offers.

If you want to reach new customers, clients or donors — and who doesn’t? — put your name in proverbial lights with a blog, using a strategic topic plan and expert execution. 

Valuable blogs boost Google rankings.

Blogs are a gift that keeps giving, and they are one of the most effective ways to boost your Google rankings, get people to spend time browsing your site and encourage them to become your customers. Because blogs stay on your website indefinitely, they will continuously point searchers to you and provide real value when those people land on your site.  

In addition, when your content is meaningful and influential, Google considers your website more viable and important and ranks it higher, making it more visible. This higher visibility helps searchers find your site, which gives you the chance to transform those people into leads, driving long-term results for your organization. 

How else can blogging benefit my organization?

The benefits of blogging mirror the goals of most businesses and organizations:

  • Increasing profits by using efficient, cost-effective means to put your message in front of the people who need your goods and services as they search the web.
  • Developing awareness of your brand.
  • Attracting new customers.
  • Building a loyal following.

Blogs that are full of valuable content improve your organization’s search engine optimization (enabling people to find you online), help you reach qualified leads (those who need or want what you offer) and can increase conversions (from browsing shoppers to buyers). 

The results are quantifiable: Fryed Egg can help you not only track people’s clicks, the time they spend on your website and their activity there but also interpret the analytics to help you continue to improve the results you’re looking for.  

What is considered valuable blog content?

The best blogs share worthwhile, interesting, helpful and current or evergreen content that informs your prospects and answers their questions while providing them with opportunities to spend time learning about your goods or services, delve deeper into other content that is linked to your blog and, ultimately, contact you. Below are a few trending ideas for blog topics for 2021:

For Businesses

  • Highlight something or someone new at your company
  • Spotlight an industry trend
  • Showcase a successful customer
  • Keep your clients up to date on changing rules and regulations
  • Describe your impact in your community or in the world
  • Invite your customers to participate in a new promotion

For Nonprofits

  • Explain new best practices in your field
  • Encourage people to reach out to you for help
  • Tell about an upcoming virtual fundraiser
  • Spotlight a client’s success
  • Promote a new or improved service
  • Illustrate the benefits of volunteering and donating

For Government

  • Describe your municipality’s departments
  • Highlight your parks, recreational or historical areas
  • Explain new services
  • Create a FAQ blog about the city
  • Compile COVID-19 resources

This sounds fantastic, but I don’t have time to blog!

If the idea of starting, writing and keeping up with blogging overwhelms you, let Fryed Egg Productions help you. We can:

  • Devise a Content Map (a calendar that lists ideas for every blog)
  • Set up interviews with your subject-matter experts
  • Interview your experts
  • Research the topics
  • Write your blogs
  • Include keywords for your industry
  • Proofread the text
  • Add live internal and external links to related material on the subject
  • Design an appealing layout that adheres to your brand guidelines
  • Find striking images to accompany the messages
  • Allow you to edit the content before posting on your website
  • Post the blog
  • Write. Repeat!
We get it. Writing a blog takes effort, and that’s why the Fryed Egg team is offering you our Creative Blogging service. Finally, you can get consistent, useful content on your website on a regular basis. Each of our plans for clients is customized for your business and industry and is meant to make your life as easy as possible. We’d love to help get your blog going—let us know what we can do for you!