Digital Display Ads — Strategic Marketing That Puts Your Brand in Front of Your Defined Audience

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, display ads are an essential and inescapable part of today’s marketing.

Display ads are the online advertising banners, squares, skyscrapers and rectangles that pop up seemingly everywhere online. And with people spending more and more time watching videos, taking classes, working remotely on their computers and surfing the ‘net, display ads are a key way to reach consumers.

In today’s pandemic-driven rewrite, people aren’t seeing as much out-of-home advertising — things that used to be routinely displayed in theaters, on mall-store windows or on menus — so you want to reach them where they are. In front of screens.

Make Your Brand (Seemingly) Omnipresent.

Fryed Egg Productions’ creative team can help you determine what kind of display ads are best for getting you the results you seek. We can help you define the audience you want to focus on and help you not only reach them but encourage them to take the action you desire. Our team knows which of the 15 IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Standard Ad Unit Portfolio ad sizes will best fit the needs of your audience and their mobile phones, large desktop monitors or gaming consoles.

Fryed Egg zeroes in on five key display ad marketing strategies:

  •       Site Retargeting
  •       Search Retargeting
  •       Keyword Contextual
  •       Geo-Fencing
  •       Consumer Relationship Marketing (CRM)

Site Retargeting Ads encourage people who have visited your website to return. You may have experienced this yourself if, after you shop for fruitcake for your great aunt in December, you start to see fruitcake and gourmet food site ads everywhere as you scroll down your favorite social media page or meander around the web.

Or you may think that certain brands of grocery stores, sports shoe manufacturers or fast-food restaurants advertise all the time, everywhere, because you see their ads so often. They may just be targeting you if you visited their site even once. They believe that if they stay in your face, you’ll be back.

Search Retargeting Ads send display ads to people based on topics they are searching for in places like news or tutorial sites. Fryed Egg can create display ads that will be shown to people who are looking for information related to the industry your business is in. If someone looks for a video about fixing a kitchen faucet, display ads for your plumbing company could be shown on their computer, tablet or mobile device, so if their DIY project fails, your brand is already top of mind.

Keyword Contextual Ads are based on what people read online. If someone reads a mattress review, for example, imagine the impact if your mattress store’s display ads are put in front of them. If they read a blog called “6 Best Air Conditioner Units,” you can bet they would appreciate seeing ads not only for air conditioner brands but also for local A/C installation companies.

TIP: Review sites are invaluable marketing tools to help direct people to advertisers’ ads and websites.

Fascinating, Creepy and Highly Effective

Geo-fencing Marketing is a very technical tool that takes into account where people are geographically. We can set up digital “fences” at specific physical locations to be able to send digital ads about your company to people who visit those places.

For instance, if you sell eggs and someone walks onto your competitor’s chicken farm, we assume they want to buy eggs. If we build a geo-fence around that farm, we can send that visitor specialized ads that feature your own chicken farm, prompting them to consider buying your eggstra-special, high-protein eggs from your pampered, free-range hens.

In addition, geo-fencing allows us to track conversions. Conversions are the successful accomplishment of pre-determined marketing goals, such as getting people to click on links, go to your website, visit your nonprofit or buy your product.

Let’s say you want to know how effective it is to become a vendor at the Florida Strawberry Festival. You think it might boost awareness of your brand and funnel people into your storefront, but you aren’t sure.

By setting up two geo-fences, one around your booth at the festival and another around your business, we can send display ads that reinforce your brand to the computers and mobile devices of the individuals who come to your booth. Then we can track how many of those festival-booth visitors show up at your business on a later date.

Similarly, we can set up a competitor zone around any of your competitors’ stores or properties and send digital display ads for your business to anyone living, walking, driving or working in those zones.

Consumer Relationship Marketing (CRM) provides a way to direct display ads to individuals based on their physical addresses, letting us send ads to the people most likely to respond to your message. As long as you have people’s addresses, we can target your list of from 100 to hundreds of thousands of people with display ads.

This is a very practical and popular tool for politicians who want to message their base or party members in their district. It also works well for nonprofits who want to send donation requests to specific supporters. There are endless possibilities and potential with CRM for businesses, nonprofits, governmental agencies and others.

Our Goal? Helping You Achieve Your Desired Level of Success

More than just seeing an ad, we want your current and potential clients to click and take the next step, whether it be to fill out a form or another lead-generating tool, download something, purchase your goods or services or otherwise do business with your company or organization.

To see the big picture of how people are interacting with your business, the Fryed Egg team uses a number of analytics tools to track these successful responses and transactions, known as conversions, stemming from display ads. We encourage the tracking of multiple conversions, so you can fully measure the success of your marketing campaigns.

Defining and Measuring Your Successes

Defining the conversions you want to see is an extremely important part of the process, and Fryed Egg works with you to do this. We then keep track of the results generated from the display ads:

  • Impressions (each time your display ad pops up on someone’s screen when they are online)
  • Clicks on the display ad
  • Conversions — every time someone:
    • Fills out a form
    • Asks for a free download you are offering
    • Gives you their email address
    • Clicks on a “Call Now!” button on your website
    • Purchases a product
    • Walks into your business
We don’t want your potential customers to just see an ad, we want them to click and take the next step: fill out a form or some other lead-generation tool, download something, purchase a product or otherwise do business with your company. Our job isn’t done until your conversion rate is up and your metrics are achieved. Give us a shout and let us know how we can help you be at the forefront of your audience’s minds!
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