Make Your Social Media Fun—Let Others Spread the Buzz About You!

What do Abraham Lincoln, plum pudding, teamwork and Fryed Egg Productions have in common?

National Plum Pudding Day and Lincoln’s birthday are celebrated on February 12th. Lincoln supposedly loved the famed figgy pudding, traditionally stirred by the entire household holding the same spoon at the same time. (Can you imagine?!) And Lincoln, just like Fryed Egg, extolled the value of a supportive team: “I'm a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn't have the heart to let him down.”

GET SOCIAL: It can’t all be about pushing sales—you have to make friends first!

It’s good to switch up your usually serious, meaningful social media posts or blogs (Why blog? Find out here.) occasionally and have some fun with your readers. Pose riddles. Ask their opinions. Post cute photos for them to ooh and aah over. These posts don’t have to tie into a message, but they may.

Pull ideas from online lists of unusual holiday themes, the wackier the better. There are hundreds of National Days (, famous birthdays and daily themes (Wellness Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, Soup for Supper Sunday, for example), any of which can be celebrated or integrated into your frequent, regularly scheduled social media posts and blogs.

Imagine the likes and retweets you’ll get for cute photos commemorating the upcoming and oh-so-sweet National Love Your Pet Day (February 20) or National Puppy Day (March 23). Or the cravings you’ll stir up by asking readers to share favorite recipes on National Chocolate Mint Day (February 19), National Muffin Day (February 20) or National Chili Day (February 25).

The Fryed Egg blog and social media teams can use just about anything to start a dialogue between you and your audience. Creative or humorous posts can:

  • Lead to impromptu sharing, liking or retweeting by your followers to their circle of influence, broadening your reach since more people will see your company name.
  • Encourage engagement on your page by asking your followers to respond by naming their favorite pet, recipe, singer, team, sneakers, etc.
  • Prompt your audience to action:
    • laugh
    • sign up for a giveaway
    • give their opinion
    • enter a challenge
  • Cleverly impart useful information or otherwise tie-in to your brand.

Do you use holidays and trends to reveal your company culture?

Another way to deviate from typical business blogs and social media commentary is to jump on the bandwagon of current trends and memes—but you have to be fast (and careful). Remember Bernie’s mittens? The Weeknd, lost in a maze of his own making at Super Bowl LV? Memes abounded, but the moments passed quickly.

Two important holidays that, for decades, have helped drive business occur in February. One is Valentine’s Day, February 14, the well-established celebration of love and friendship. You don’t have to be a florist or chocolatier to understand or take advantage of the societal and business significance of this.

Because February is Black History Month, with this year’s theme being The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity, February is a good time to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to being socially responsible and inclusive.

Successful businesses, organizations and governmental departments can be intentional about their inclusivity by posting online content that is presented from an authentic place. If your goal is to grow your customer base, you will want to do business with everybody, making it essential that you create no barriers, intentional or unintentional.

According to N’dea Yancey-Bragg in her USA Today article, “Schools and businesses offer Black-history-themed meals, lectures, plays and quizzes while major brands roll out clothing, television specials and content for consumers.”

Who provides those products, speakers and specials? How can searchers find them? Through social media posts and blogs that are produced and posted in an attention-grabbing and timely manner.

What is trending for business blogs and social media posts in 2021?

Fryed Egg keeps its finger on the pulse of new marketing ideas and trends to make sure your business takes advantage of every opportunity for success. Current trends we have identified include:

  •       National Days
  •       Celebrity Birthdays
  •       Day of the Week Themes
  •       Trending Topics
  •       Memes
  •       Social Responsibility
  •       Inclusivity
  •       Posting Reader-Generated Content
  •       Polls
  •       Using Emojis in Social Media Posts
  •       Contests
  •       Sharing Tips
  •       “Ask Me Anything” about Your Brand or Industry
If you need help with your social media, blogs or any forms of marketing, give Fryed Egg a call. Our goal is to help you land sunny-side up and achieve the results you desire. No yolk!