Branding Package

Why your brand will suffer without a branding package to support it

Your brand is only as effective as the people who use it. For that reason, the stakeholders who showcase your brand need help placing it in the best possible light every single time they use it. Your brand deserves that protection -- and your organization’s success depends on it.

A branding package provides clear guidance on the proper use of your brand while also offering the digital and physical resources to make following those guidelines simple and straightforward. A brand without a branding package isn’t a brand. It’s a vague idea of a brand. Because that’s how people will experience it.

As part of a full assortment of marketing services, Fryed Egg is here to protect your brand and develop a branding package for you that guides its use so that it can shine the way it was intended. Nothing should be left to chance.

Be consistent

When it comes to your brand, consistency is crucial. That means providing the tools to determine how your brand is deployed, preventing it from falling victim to a haphazard, scattershot approach that causes confusion and undermines your brand’s effectiveness. A branding package makes it easy and convenient to be consistent because everything someone could ever need to know about using your brand is located in one place.

Telling your story

Your brand is not just a flat thing on a page. It needs to represent who you are, and all your stakeholders need to be able to understand and reflect that -- to show who you are internally and externally. A brand is a verbal and visual representation of the organization that you are building together, and a branding package will help give your stakeholders the clarity and inspiration they need to tell your story the right way every day.

Showing off your logo

Your logo is the most prominent representation of your brand, making it particularly essential that stakeholders use it correctly. A branding package details standards of how your logo should be used. That includes providing access to variations of the logo, so that stakeholders are never starting from scratch or in danger of misunderstanding how to use it -- no matter what they need it for. This comes in handy not just for employees but for others outside the organization showcasing your logo, such as event organizers, corporate partners, media outlets or organizations you are supporting with a sponsorship.

Communication guidance

Your brand, of course, extends beyond your logo, and the guidelines in a Fryed Egg branding package provide the guardrails to the way your stakeholders communicate. That means standards for font choices, date formats, email signatures, even voicemail formats. It also means editorial style rules that are clear and specific about your organization’s name, products, services, and other key components.

The assets
A branding package puts in one place all the physical and digital tools that your employees and others need to use your brand properly. A branding package provides access to such items as business cards, letterheads, and templates for presentation slides that stakeholders can quickly adopt for their own purposes. It also provides approved photos and B-roll video clips that can be easily accessed and integrated. We want to make everything as simple and turnkey as possible to not only make it easy to properly use your brand but to actively encourage people to widely showcase your brand.

Values and voice

A branding package also gives stakeholders a clear understanding of what your brand ultimately represents. It should contain your vision and your core values. In this way, a branding package ensures cohesive messaging throughout your organization that will infuse and enliven everything you do and ensure the world experiences your brand the way that is intended.

At Fryed Egg, we help organizations build brand identities that reflect who they are -- from their name itself to their logo -- and then develop comprehensive marketing strategies to protect and advance those brands. We can help you pinpoint what makes your organization special, diving deep into your values and vision, and make sure that your brand reflects that. If you want to see if Fryed Egg is the right agency for your marketing needs, contact us at (813) 478-0494 or [email protected] or visit