Why most businesses should have their own online store

Too many businesses are still leaving money on the table by not selling their products or services from their own online store. Their perception often is that the process is too demanding or that their business is not a natural fit for selling to their customers that way. However, at Fryed Egg, we can help show you that selling from your website is both easy and often rich with possibilities. You’ll be surprised at how simple it is to make an online store an integral part of your operation.

Fryed Egg can help your business add this powerful tool to your toolbox. Here are some key reasons why you want to take advantage of the supercharged potential of selling from your own online store.

Seamless process

The process to set up an online store is neither arduous nor expensive. Fryed Egg can help businesses build an online store quickly. We can be as hands on or hands off as you want. If you’d like to manage it internally, we can build the store and then train you to take that responsibility. If you’d prefer to be more hands off, we can not only set up the online store but manage it for you, providing detailed reporting. When you want to add new products or update existing ones, we can make that adjustment in no time. When Fryed Egg builds an online store for our clients, we use an ecommerce platform that provides a smooth, consistent shopping experience that also allows the flexibility for you to create a unique store tailored to your customers.

Endless possibilities

Bringing your existing inventory online is a straightforward process, as is creating and adding offerings specific to your online presence. And you’re in no way limited to selling physical products from your store. In fact, selling services and virtual products is a natural fit for the online marketplace. You can create online exclusive offerings and sell products or services that you’re unable to market effectively through a physical storefront, such as subscription services or online classes. Businesses sometimes don’t think an online store is right for what they’re selling, but it gives you the creativity to consider completely new ways of offering value to your customers.

Collecting money and tracking your customers’ visits

Once we get you set up, you’ll see that it’s very easy to collect money online. We can arrange a variety of payment options for your customers -- from invoicing to credit cards, Paypal or mobile apps. We ensure an easy payment process for both you and your customers, working with you to make sure it’s a good fit with your existing systems. Traffic to your site can be closely tracked, and you can see exactly how many people are visiting your website, where they are going on your site, and how many are adding items to cart and going through with a purchase. This can help you adjust what you offer and how you offer it to boost sales and adapt to customer preferences and behaviors.

Managing product variations, discounts and shipping

When you manage your own online store, you have the flexibility to present your products and services the specific way that you want to. If there are variations on your products -- for instance, different colors or different sizes -- then we can ensure that those are clearly presented to customers browsing your site. Our sites also allow you to offer coupon codes and special discounts that can change and vary with your needs and promotional goals. You also can determine how you want to manage shipping, ranging from using flat-rate shipping or estimating shipping based on location and product weight.

Control of the customer experience

When you have your own online store, it allows you to sell directly to your customers rather than through a large online merchant, where you’re just another business among thousands or millions of other businesses. Too often, customers who make purchases through a large online merchant, such as Amazon, have the perception that they bought the item “from Amazon” rather than from your business. Managing an online store allows you to better manage your customers’ online experience, your brand, and the presentation of your offerings online. That level of control of online engagement means you can create stronger connections with your customers that are more likely to endure.

Let Fryed Egg show you how an online store can build new value for your business. If you want to learn more about how Fryed Egg can help, contact us at (813) 478-0494 or [email protected] or visit www.FryedEgg.com.