Keeping Site Visitors

Why you don’t just want users to visit your website -- you want them to stay

You can’t figure out what the problem is. Your website is getting plenty of visitors, attracting an audience size that meets your goals, but they’re not doing anything once they get there. No purchases in your online store or email newsletter signups or new contacts seeking more information.

The problem is your visitors don’t see a compelling reason to stick around. The longer people are on your site, the more they will engage with your brand -- and the more likely they are to take the crucial step that you want them to take when they visit, whether that involves buying your product or connecting with you. That’s why building a great user experience for visitors and keeping them on your site once they arrive is so critical.

Fryed Egg can help your organization build and maintain a website that both attracts visitors and keeps them there. Here are some keys to making your site a place to linger and explore.

Start with great content

Your website needs compelling content, and it needs to be the right content for your audience. That's the static content on your site (your about page, FAQs, services), dynamic content (blog posts and articles), and video content. Bring a critical eye to the content on your site and ask yourself if you’d be captivated by it. Is the writing lively and clear? Are there small, readable sections of words or large, uninviting blocks of text? Are there graphics and photos that seem likely to catch your visitors’ attention and entice them to learn more? Is there valuable fresh content on topics that your audience will care about? If there is no reason for users to stick around (and keep coming back), they won't.

Site Speed

If your web page is taking too long to load, visitors will lose patience and leave. Online users are accustomed to speed, and they will simply move on if they don’t find that your site meets their expectations. Sites require regular maintenance to run at optimum speed. Fryed Egg can keep your site moving fast with updates that are completed quickly and without affecting the operation of your site.

Navigating your site

Are you making it clear to your visitors how to use your site? Is it user-friendly, well-organized and clearly structured? A helpful site index, a clear menu and evident calls-to-action will help encourage visitors to explore your site. Using internal links also will make it easy for visitors to find other pages on your site that will be helpful for them. In addition, your site should be mobile-friendly, so that visitors on their phones and tablets can enjoy the same great experience that they would on desktops.

Consider your bounce rate

To understand how visitors are using your website you need to understand bounce rate, which is the percentage of users who enter and exit your site on the same page without any clicks to other pages on your site. You want a low bounce rate because that indicates that people are not “bouncing” off your site soon after arriving -- instead they find your site engaging and efficient enough to explore multiple pages. A high bounce rate, on the other hand, means they are leaving immediately, suggesting that your site and the strategy behind it needs to be reexamined. A high bounce rate also harms your search engine results, leading to fewer future visitors.

Problem pages

With advanced site analytics capabilities, Fryed Egg can work with you to determine if a high bounce rate is a result of an entire site that needs attention or if there are simply some weaker-performing pages that are the culprits. Perhaps the call-to-action on those sites is vague or easily missed or maybe the content lacks liveliness and clarity and seems likely to send bored and confused visitors away. If that’s the case, you can focus on strengthening those pages.

Are you getting the right visitors?

What if the problem isn’t your site at all? What if the problem stems from the work that you are doing bringing visitors to your site? If your strategy for marketing your site is misguided, then you likely are attracting visitors to your site who are not your target audience. Once they are there, they have no reason to stay. Take a closer look at your campaigns to make sure that you are reaching the right audiences and drawing the right people to your site.

At Fryed Egg, we help our clients create great website user experiences, while attracting visitors in droves with creative, carefully targeted campaigns. If you want to see if Fryed Egg is the right agency for your needs, contact us at (813) 478-0494 or [email protected] or visit