How To Make Your Product Packaging Work For You

Packaging is much more than just a way to deliver your product to your customer. It also is an opportunity to make a lasting impression on them.

Packaging represents one of the most impactful ways that we interact with customers, creating a tactile, focused and enduring experience that will play a crucial role in building the public perception of your brand. It not only is a way to serve your customers -- it also is a way to delight them.

Fryed Egg Productions can help you consider ways to integrate branding into your approach to packaging. Here are some key reasons packaging is among the most powerful tools you have for your brand.

Be distinctive

Packages can begin to all look the same to consumers. Your packaging choices are opportunities to distinguish yourselves from the other products in the market -- and stand out in the eyes of the consumers. Packaging is an invaluable opportunity to capture and hold the attention of customers. Distinctive doesn’t necessarily mean loud and flashy, though. Depending on the product, a simpler approach may be the better, more compelling one. If your product is stocked in stores, you want it to catch the eye and inspire passersby in the aisles to look closer. If your product is shipped to your customers’ doorsteps, you want them to feel good about their purchase as soon as they see the package.

Reinforce the brand

An appealing, effective package serves multiple purposes, but perhaps most critically it strengthens your brand. Custom branding on your box will reinforce your brand with audiences and embed you more intimately in their consciousness. Your packaging should align with your brand identity and bolster its impression on your audience, following your brand guidelines. You should consider every detail you choose through that lens -- from images and text to typography and colors. A high-quality package will help ensure that your customer will view your product as high quality. A more generic approach without strong branding will threaten to make customers believe your product is of a lower quality.

Provide crucial information

Your packaging can be a striking piece of art, but it won’t mean much for your company if it doesn’t also convey the information to shoppers that makes them want to buy the item. Packages don’t need to explain everything, but they should provide the key details that a consumer will want to consider before purchasing your product. Don’t make them wonder about your product. A frustrated shopper unable to figure out if an item is right for them will simply move on to a similar item that marks itself more clearly.

A pleasing experience

Packaging, of course, must serve its basic responsibilities of adequately containing your product and protecting it from damage when it is transported. It also should be relatively simple and convenient to open and to handle. Don’t overlook the customer’s experience opening a package. For some products, it may offer another opportunity to appeal to your customers, such as by adding a personalized touch, by including a free sample or other bonus material, or by creating a unique unboxing experience, such as by the way that the contents are arranged and presented inside.

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