Will Your Message Make It Through The Clutter?

We are all bombarded with brand messages, and most of them are quickly forgotten -- if they even register at all. However, some break through, effortlessly sticking with us and becoming embedded in our consciousness. When it comes time to make a purchase or other related decision, we remember those messages and they help to guide us.

If you’re a brand, creating clear, impactful and memorable messaging can prove to be a tall task -- but one well worth the challenge. Fryed Egg Productions works with clients to look at themselves more deeply and then develop messaging that endures, creating loyal customers who both understand and remember them.

Here are some of the key ways how.

Speak to your audience

A message won’t stick with your audience if it isn’t really intended for them. It has to be developed specifically for them if it has any chance of resonating. You want to welcome them into your brand by sharing your vision and clearly stating who you are and what you are all about. In order to speak to your audience, of course, you need to understand who they are. That requires diligent research (what are their needs, wants, preferences and behaviors) and strategic decision-making (who will you prioritize and why). Your approach to messaging should be very different, for instance, for c-suite executives versus a wider demographic.

Know your intentions

If you don’t know who you are, how will you explain yourself to anyone else? Ask yourself what you envision for your brand. What is its future? Where is it headed? What does its ideal self look like? Create messaging that is both aspirational, representing your highest hopes for yourself, and grounded in the reality of who you are. For your messaging to land with your audience it will need to be authentic, and that requires genuine self-awareness. How do you want your audience to respond to your messaging? Do you want them to be inspired? Persuaded? Should your tone be playful or more serious? Consider the messaging that has stuck with you. Why did it land? How did it make you feel?

Be unique

Your message is one of the millions that surround your audience in their daily life. To be able to stand out from the crowd your message will need to be distinctive. It’s easy to fall into a rut and borrow cliches and familiar phrases to try to explain who you are. Creating messaging that endures requires digging deeper to determine how you’re different from everyone else and to put that belief into words and images. It is a challenging process but the extra effort is rewarding. Otherwise, you run the risk of delivering a message that is generic and indistinguishable from your competitors. And no one wants to just blend in.

Be disciplined

No message is so skillfully crafted -- so beautiful and inspiring -- that it will resonate without good strategy and discipline behind it. Even powerful messaging takes time to get a foothold. Once you have developed your messaging, you will need to believe in it and stick to it. That requires consistency throughout your organization. Build a branding package and integrate your key messages into everything that you do every day.

At Fryed Egg, we help organizations build brand identities that reflect who they are, developing strategic and memorable messaging tailored to their audiences and helping them execute that messaging to ensure that it resonates. If you want to see if Fryed Egg is the right agency for your marketing needs, contact us at (813) 478-0494 or [email protected] or visit www.FryedEgg.com.