You love your customers and clients. Why don’t you show it?

You love your customers and clients. Without them, you’d be looking for something less exciting and fulfilling to do. They’re the lifeblood of your business, and every single one of them is important to you. Still, do they know that?

Strategic appreciation efforts play a crucial role in how organizations develop tight bonds with customers, leading to repeat business and long-term relationships. However, in the rush of other obligations, too often businesses don’t take a step back and consider how to show their gratitude to their customers in a way that is meaningful and effective.

During a season when we all should take a moment to reflect on what we’re grateful for, spend some time considering how you show your customers that you are thankful for them -- and ask yourself if there isn’t more you could do. At Fryed Egg Productions, we know a key to any organization’s success is forming a close bond with customers and clients and making sure they understand how important they are to you.

Here are some key ways how.

Give them something special

A bargain, of course, is a great way to anyone’s heart. Whether it’s a sale or discount available only to previous and existing customers or a free gift that they receive digitally, in person, or through the mail, customers will feel special if you make them an offer that is just for them. Do what you can to tailor deals to their demonstrated interests and preferences, such as a product that they have shown that they love or routinely need to purchase. Another way of showing you value them is to provide them with unique content intended just for regular customers, such as newsletters or magazines, which can allow you to speak directly to them and help strengthen your connection.

Put them in the spotlight

Featuring your customers in your marketing is a powerful way to show them that you value them. By telling their story, you can tell your story. The more that you are able to incorporate real customers into your marketing the more that you are able to demonstrate specific ways that your business can help make people’s lives better. For instance, a bank doesn’t just advertise its great terms on small business loans -- it tells the story of a client whose small business has thrived. It’s crucial when telling these stories that you make it about your customers rather than yourself. When your marketing efforts put your customers and their stories front and center, it signals to both your existing customers and prospective customers that they are more than dollar signs to you.

Make it personal

Be explicit and clear when you show appreciation for your customers or clients. If you give them a discount or a gift, make sure that they understand they are receiving it because you are grateful for their business and support. Reach out to them with videos, emails or cards that allow you to state exactly why you appreciate their business and what it means to you. Be specific and offer a personal touch whenever possible. The holidays are a great opportunity for customer appreciation efforts -- in fact, they’re a time that every business should be reaching out to customers to show gratitude -- but don’t limit customer appreciation to one day a year. Be strategic about identifying other times of the year or events when customer appreciation makes sense for your organization.

Fryed Egg can help build a new level of brand affinity for your business, identifying the audiences most important to your growth and working with you to engage them so that they feel important and valued. If you want to learn more about how Fryed Egg can help, contact us at (813) 478-0494 or [email protected] or visit