Before speaking to the press, embrace the magic of media training

We may think we’re ready for the limelight, but are we really? If you’ve got an opportunity to speak to the media, take a moment to consider whether you would benefit from some training and expert guidance before taking that step. It’s highly likely you would.

The fact is that we all can use media training, no matter how natural we are for the role. At Fryed Egg Productions, we know how crucial the way you present yourself is to you and your organization’s reputation, and one of the most impactful and challenging places to be in the public eye is a media interview.

Through media training, we work with our clients to ensure they have the skills, knowledge and confidence to shine when the media spotlight is at its brightest.

Here are some key areas where we will help.

Key messaging

Central to media training is ensuring you have well-developed key messages that are suited well for the moment. You want to have original, concise, clear, engaging and compelling messages that are tailored to your audience and appropriate to the circumstances of the interview. Avoid cliches and other language that could turn off your audience. Key messages will help you stay focused on the points that you want to emphasize in an interview and give you a place to steer your answers toward. When you can combine key messages with storytelling, you can ensure that your media appearances are meaningful and memorable.

Preparing for challenges

Not every media interview will feature difficult questions, but you will want to be prepared for the ones they do. Tripping up in the spotlight when speaking with the media about a challenging subject can have far-reaching ramifications for your organization. Through media training, Fryed Egg can help you anticipate tough questions and work with you on the best responses. Media training will help you act with composure and avoid the kinds of traps and pitfalls that can steer an interview off course. We also can help you learn to contend with difficult questions when you don’t have a good answer ready, so that you feel fully equipped to respond calmly and clearly no matter what comes your way.

Being your best self

When speaking to the media, creating an impeccable personal impression is paramount. You want to deftly represent yourself and organization in everything you do surrounding media interviews. That means considering every element of your personal appearance and making the effort to manage the tone of your responses, your body language and your facial expressions. No matter how stellar your message is, you can completely undermine it with shoddy body language or unpleasant expressions. Most of us have verbal and physical mannerisms and tics that we don’t notice. Media training can help identify them, reveal if they impair the impression we are giving, and develop solutions to manage them. It also can help us recognize our strengths and zero in on them so we can take advantage of them.


The more we do something, the better we get at it. However, you can’t afford to “learn while doing” when it comes to media interviews – a slip-up can be too costly. That’s why media training with Fryed Egg emphasizes helping you gain invaluable experience through practice. We will simulate media interviews with you, even putting you on camera, so that you can navigate the challenges and opportunities of a real-world interview without stepping into the real world. Through repetitions with us, you will gain the confidence to speak with assurance, think on your feet and handle any question with aplomb. Our training will have you wanting to seek out more media opportunities and all of the benefits that those appearances can have for building the image of your brand.

Our Fryed Egg team has developed strong relationships built on trust with an array of media outlets and contacts, and we are experienced at identifying the best paths to getting your story heard in the media. If you need help getting your story into the world, contact us today at (813) 478-0494 or [email protected].