Want to demonstrate your expertise? E-books will resonate with your audience.

Key to any organization gaining and keeping a customer is establishing a high level of trust with them. And one of the best ways of doing that is demonstrating your expertise and authority on topics that are central to your customers’ ongoing success.

In recent years, e-books have emerged as a popular and effective way for organizations to share their insight on critical topics with their audiences. Typically short, digestible and available online, e-books can be a highly impactful way to speak directly to your customers and prospective customers and to form meaningful bonds with them.

Fryed Egg Productions can help your organization conceive and create e-books that will build your brand’s reputation, attract new customers and strengthen ties with existing ones.

Topics that matter

Choosing the topic of your e-book is as important as the quality of the content. You want to identify topics for your e-books that resonate with your audience, providing them with insight on trending, eye-catching topics that are crucial to their operations. As with any content that you produce, you want your customers and prospective customers to feel compelled to see what you’ve produced. Use your conversations with your customers and your understanding of key trends in your field to find the subjects that will matter most to your readers.

Quality content

Once you select your topic, you better deliver. If your e-book falls short of expectations, it will undermine your reputation with your audience. E-books that click with audiences will provide unique analysis on issues that matter to them rather than just provide broad context or surface-level information. Be proud of your expertise and share it with your audience. E-book content should be written in an accessible way – neither too technical nor too basic for your audience – and it should maintain a consistent brand style that aligns with your brand guidelines. Multimedia content, such as infographics, photos and even videos, can help to capture and hold your audience’s attention. Identify key takeaways, be concise, use plain language and avoid heavy jargon to keep the reader engaged.

Benefits on multiple fronts

First and foremost, an e-book is a way of providing useful information to customers and prospective customers that will help build and strengthen your relationship with them. They will appreciate the insight that you have shared with them and recognize that the quality of that insight illustrates what you have to offer them, and it will increase their trust in you. For existing customers, you are helping to maintain consistent communication with them and provide added value. E-books also help you to collect data about your audience. Many organizations ask people to fill out a short questionnaire before downloading one of their e-books that gives the organizations information about who is opening the e-book and how to follow up with them. You also should ensure that your e-book directs readers to other resources, including more information about your services and additional related content. Make clear to your readers how they can contact your organization’s experts and continue the conversation.

Getting the word out

No matter how intelligent and insightful your e-book is, it won’t be worth much without a concerted, strategic effort to market it to your audience. Build a marketing plan to attract readers that encompasses your full array of marketing tools – from digital ads and email marketing to blog posts and social media. You can pull representative excerpts and highlights from the e-book to give people an idea of what they can expect from the content and convince them to give it a look. Use your e-books as resources when pitching new customers. In addition, use search engine optimization (SEO) on the landing page for your e-book or e-books to help bring visitors.

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