Tell your story in a way people won’t forget. Make yourself the subject of a documentary.

We all love movies because of their capacity to move and entertain us. Documentaries can be particularly powerful, telling the stories of real people in real situations. As viewers, we naturally connect with them and are curious about their lives and what they do. When done well, a documentary can be a uniquely absorbing and unforgettable experience for the audience.

Similarly, documentary-style videos can tell the story of your organization in a compelling way that will stick with your viewers and give them a new appreciation for you. They will bring an elevated level of engagement with your target audience and enrich your relationship with your customers. In addition, documentary-style videos will strengthen your brand for potential team members, serving as a recruiting tool that makes people excited about the prospect of joining your organization.

Fryed Egg Products excels in telling unforgettable stories about our clients through the use of video because we understand the distinctive power it holds. Here are some of the stories that we can tell about you.

Your process

Think about how often we find ourselves hooked by something we see on TV or a streaming service that takes us inside the inner workings of something we didn’t know about. Why not make your organization the subject the camera follows? A short documentary is a memorable way to bring your audience inside your organization to show them what you do and how you do it. You take pride in what you and your team do, and a documentary-style video can depict that process in an entertaining, informative style. For instance, do you make something? A video that captures that process will give viewers an increased appreciation for the skill and care that goes into your product, leading to increased appreciation for the product itself – and confidence in its quality. Viewers will remember the video, and they will remember how impressive watching your process in action was.

Your personal story

Forging strong connections with customers often involves telling them your personal story. Most of us are interested in the people behind the businesses that we frequent or are considering. It’s why business publications so often feature profiles of business owners and operators. When you use videos to tell your story, you can get at the emotional heartbeat of your organization’s reason for being and share it with others. For instance, putting the founders of your organization on camera and letting them tell the story of creating the business can help build meaningful connections with your audience. A documentary-style video will allow them to show their passion for the business they have built while they detail the inspiration for it and the journey that led to where it is today – the ups and downs and the memorable moments along the way. If you’re a family business, letting different generations of family members tell the story of the business and what it has meant to the family will make viewers feel inspired to support you. It’s a way of showing that your business is driven by much more than just profits.

Your relationships

A documentary-style approach to your strongest and most enduring relationships will show what makes your organization so special to others, widening the lens to show your impact on your customers and business and community partners. When you tell the story of a relationship with a customer in this way, for instance, you can clearly show how the work that you do is not just about the simple mechanics of business but something deeper and more consequential. Viewers will get the message. Another opportunity would be to bring viewers inside a close relationship with a community organization that you support, such as a local nonprofit or school or a long-running event that has been important to both your organization and those that it helps.

Documentaries are about telling powerful stories, and we pride ourselves on finding and telling the stories of our clients. For a documentary about you to work, it needs to be made with the same exacting standards that makes your business a success. Fryed Egg Productions produces high-caliber videos that do justice to our clients and all the hard work that has gone into building their organizations. We manage a video production process that is both collaborative and straightforward – you drive the narrative while we make it come to life. If you want to see if Fryed Egg is the right agency for your needs, contact us at (813) 478-0494 or [email protected] or visit