Give Customers A Friendly Push: Use Incentives To Nudge Them Toward A Purchase

Customers love to be wooed – we all do. And one of the best ways to woo them is with attractive incentives – the kind of incentives that help your business stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Customer incentives have long been a critical component of the marketing equation, and they have only grown more sophisticated and widespread in recent years as organizations get better and better at targeting their customers with the types of deals that will really speak to them and bring them through the doors – physical or digital.

Fryed Egg Productions works with clients to identify, develop and execute customer incentive programs that bring meaningful results – going beyond simply offering one-off deals to helping establish and maintain long-lasting relationships.


Incentives to customers provide a wide variety of benefits to all types of customers, whether they are ongoing incentives or limited-time incentives offered as part of a promotion. For new customers, incentives can get them “in the door,” convincing them to give your business a first shot so they can see how well your products and services are a fit for them. Incentives often are the necessary push that gets new customers to try a place that they either have been considering or never even knew about. Incentives also help solidify and strengthen existing relationships, especially when they target customers and reward them for their business – helping them feel both special and appreciated. Finally, incentives can lure former customers back to a business that they have forgotten about or avoided for a time. For all kinds of customers, incentives can be the key to prompting a purchase that they have been weighing and putting off. The incentive is what jolts them out of their indecision and inspires them to act. Customer incentive programs can be segmented by location, buying habits and other details so that they can be tailored appropriately.

Coupons and gifts

Coupons are a widely used incentive option that is simple for customers to understand and straightforward for businesses to execute. Consumers immediately comprehend the benefit of the offer and if it’s worth it to them. Coupons can mean old-school print coupons, such as those sent in the mail through direct marketing efforts, or digital coupons that are promoted via online campaigns, such as through social media, email or digital ads. One of the major benefits of coupons is that businesses can track how people use them and respond to them, as well as where they access them before using them. That provides invaluable information about a business’ customers and how to access them and persuade them to make a purchase. Businesses can occasionally take a step further with coupons and ask for some basic customer information in return for the accompanying discount, offering additional data that can inform their strategy. For businesses with certain products, free gifts or samples are also a powerful incentive for customers. In particular, they make it easy for customers to try your product. For customers who are set in their ways and unwilling to budge from a competing product, it can be the best way to show them that there are other options they like more.

Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs provide an ongoing incentive for customers to be loyal to your brand and to provide repeat business to your organization. Loyalty programs can offer a variety of perks to customers who choose to participate, such as fixed discounts, free shipping, service advantages, free items and special access to products before the general public. The key to loyalty programs is that they engage the members in it and make them feel recognized and truly appreciated. The programs are not just about rewarding a customer’s loyalty to the brand but about ensuring it remains and showing the customers loyalty in return. A good loyalty program builds trust in a brand with a crucial cohort of regular customers. In return, businesses often get a great deal of helpful information about participating customers that can drive more successful marketing efforts to them and that can inform marketing efforts to broader audiences.

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