Order Your Holiday Branded Promotional Items Now Or Risk Going Empty-Handed

The holidays are much closer than they appear on your calendar. Before you know it, they will be here.

For organizations, it’s time to prepare for them now, and that includes identifying and ordering your seasonal or holiday-themed branded promotional items. We all know how important promotional items are to building your company’s name recognition, and some of the most effective items of these kinds are linked with the holiday season. When done right, these items can create positive, lasting impressions and help crystallize relationships, associating your brand with the happy times of the holidays and demonstrating the value you place in others.

Fryed Egg Productions can work with you to sort through the enormous variety of options available in order to decide what makes sense for your operation.

No time like the present

Organizations swarm suppliers of promotional items for holiday items each year, and the supply chain promises to be as busy and competitive as ever this season. With that in mind, you shouldn’t count on getting your items in time if you decide to wait to put in your order. Instead, be smart and look toward the future now to ensure you have everything you need when you need it. In addition, planning ahead allows you to be strategic in your selections. Too often, businesses treat branded promotional products as a merely tactical category rather than a strategic one. They order new items when it’s time to check that box, but they give it little more thought than that. However, it’s an area of marketing that is too consequential to be treated that way. Your promotional items should align with your brand and be reflective of it. In that way, a strategic approach will make your branded products more effective.

Keep it fresh – and practical

Items can be tied to the holidays in a variety of ways – from references to specific holidays, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, to something more encompassing and inclusive that is more suggestive of the entire season. Don’t just recycle last year’s items. People will remember, and you’ll give the impression of being cheap. Instead, look to bring a fresh approach to the holidays with new items that will catch the attention of your customers, partners and team members – while also being worthwhile. Even seasonal items should have staying power. You want to offer products that recipients will actually hold onto, perhaps carry and use throughout the season – and hopefully beyond. Fun holiday promotional items can inspire affection in clients and partners, and they can strengthen connections and organizational pride with team members. However, if you just hand out the pens everyone remembers from a couple holidays ago, all you’ll get is a shrug.

Be trendy

In some areas of business, we might be wary of trends, but it’s wise to embrace them when it comes to seasonal promotional items. That’s because they’re all about capturing the moment of the season and making sure that you’re not just giving out items that no one is interested in anymore. When you can give someone something both useful and new, you’ve hit the sweet spot. Some of the items that will be hot this holiday season are socks, blankets, hand warmers, eco-friendly items, return-to-the-office items (such as Crumbee desk vacuums) and various travel-related items.

Fryed Egg can work with you to offer branded, customized seasonal merchandise that will make your brand unforgettable. If you want to learn more about how Fryed Egg can help, contact us at (813) 478-0494 or [email protected] or visit www.FryedEgg.com.